Thursday November 27 , 2014
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DeWAR is a Nationwide based Services company offering first rate uniformed tradesmen at affordable rates based all over Ireland to Industrial clients and domestic clients. From Facility Management, Property Maintenance, Gas Service, Oil Service, Electrical Contractors, Heating Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Plumbing Contractors, Insulation Contractors, Heating Contractors, SEAI Contractors, Property Renovation and Service Contracts with large Public, Private Companies and Foreign Embassies.


Facility Management

DeWAR Facility Management Services

Our Facility management service provides a cost effective proactive approach to your energy saving and building maintenance costs.

Facility Management

Oil Service

Oil Boiler Service

Our Oil Division operates all over Dublin and we provide a range of services which include energy efficient condensing Oil Boilers.

Oil Service

Heating Contractors

DeWAR Heating Services

We are SEAI (Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland) registered contractors and can offer advice on energy saving heating systems.

Heating Services

Solar Energy

DeWAR Solar Energy Services

We are an accredited and registered Kingspan Solar Installer and can offer a 10 year warranty on all our installations.

Solar Energy Systems

Property Maintenance

DeWAR Building Maintenance Service

We offer a full range of services at affordable rates for domestic and commercial clients. We are Members of the CIF.

Property Maintenance

Insulation Contractors

DeWAR Insulation Services

SEAI registered contractors and provide insulation services for attic insulations, internal, external and cavity wall insulation.

Insulation Contractors

Electrical Contractors

DeWAR Electrical Services

Registered company offering affordable electrical services for Commercial, Industrial, Domestic sectors with years of experience.

Electrical Contractors


DeWAR Refrigeration Service

Our Refrigeration division provides a professional and reliable service for installation and maintenance of refrigeration units.

Refrigeration Services

Gas Service

Gas Boiler Replacement

We are a Registered Gas Installers Company (RGII)(Registration No CO572) and our Engineers carry RGI registered ID badges.

Gas Service

Plumbing Contractors

DeWAR Plumbing Services

We provide affordable plumbing services for Commercial, Industrial and Domestic sectors with years of experience in the trade.

Plumbing Services

Air Conditioning

DeWAR HVAC Air Conditioning / Refrigeration

Our goal is to maximize your up time, eliminate unplanned interruptions, and maintain system efficiencies at optimum levels.

Air Conditioning Service

Renewable Energy

DeWAR Renewable Energy Solutions

We are SEAI registered contractors and can offer advice on the right type of renewable energy solutions that best suits your needs.

Renewable Energy Systems
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